At CoreRise, we have the most well-known experts and most dedicated staffs in SSD industry today. These internationally acclaimed individuals are able to provide you with reliable products and trustworthy services.

Corporation Structure


Our Vision
To be recognized and respected as one of the SSD industry's premier manufacturer, solution provider and technology innovation leader by our team members, investors, customers and competitors.


Our Culture

Promise to customers. We take our customers not only as business partners, but also as trustful friends who help us to realize the true value of our own existence. We promise to find the optimal solution for our customer and consistently deliver exceptional products and service to our valued partners and users.

Pledge to our team members. Our success depends on our team members at all levels using their unique talents, strengths, experiences and ideas to foster innovation, build strong customer relationships and cultivate operational excellence. We pledge to offer material, physical and mental rewards to our team members for their constant contributions and supports.

Commitment to our investors. We commit to maximizing profit and investment value through dynamic, engaged leadership showing commitment of our head, heart and hands. We will accomplish this through personal, professional and financial accountability within our factory, our company and the industry.

Responsibility to the public and society. Our solid state storage products are green products which help to improve people’s work environment and to reduce power consumption. We commit never use contaminant or radioactive materials or components in our products which may harm the environment or human beings physically or mentally.