For the process of purchase would take both your precious time and money, it is obvious that a happy experience of purchase is expected whenever you make the decision to buy.
Mostly the service quality and conscience is very important for customers to make decision on purchase, and most unhappy purchase experiences are caused by misunderstanding. Usually the misunderstanding arises from the incomplete communication between customers and sales persons. For example, the sales person knows better than the customers about the functions of the product they sell, while the customers knows more about what they want indeed.
In order to avoid losses caused by such misunderstanding, we will try our best to ensure an open and complete exchange of information between us and satisfy your demands. Before ordering, please read carefully our service policy and warranty which would promise you an enjoyable experience of product purchase and use.

Quality, Warranty, and RMA

Comay is designed to deliver products and services with guaranteed quality. Every design of Comay SSD is tested strictly to avoid design defection. 
If applicable, there is a 2-5 years of limited hardware warranty for Comay SSD. Besides, within 90 days since sales date, you can change the dead SSD for a new one for free. We also provide free hardware maintenance within the warranty period if applicable.
Warranty is not applicable when out of Warranty, out of theoretical lifespan, no problem found, or problems induced by customer. 
Generally, SSDs with 34nm Flash are warranted by 3-5 years and 25nm product along with a 2-3 years warranty.

After Sales

Comay and nearest reseller/distributor provide after sales services for you. If there is no such Reseller or distributor, Comay will serve you. 
Services could be and not be limited as:
1)  Warranty/RMA/Maintenance
2)  Technical consultancy and support
3)  Firmware upgrade
4)  Buying Guide and Suggestion

*3-5 years warranty: 
The 2nd generation products have a 3-5 years warranty. Generally the 2nd generation products are made up of 3xnm Nand flash. 
Otherwise, the 3rd generation ones have a 2-3 years warranty.
Within warranty; 
Not damaged by users;  
Within SSDs’ theoretical lifespan;
*Limited Warranty: only applicable for hardware problem; service with conditions as above. 
*Day: from the date you buy, including the day you buy.