Comay Overload Protection Technology

What is overload protection technology?

Generally, overload means current/voltage of circuit exceed the maxium rating for electronics devices. Overload protection is a safety mechanism intended to prevent or minimize damage that can occur from electrical malfunctions. Generally, if a problem occurs within an electrical circuit, the current of electricity will be automatically cut off by a protection system. 

Overload always heatsthe system, enlarges power consumption, even burns the devices.


As the key component, SSDs have to survive reliably upon overload events.


Why Overload protection is needed for SSDs?


1. More reliable, stable and faster

2. To be competent in harsh environments

3.Avoid direct and derived risks

Not only data and SSDs can be protected by Overload protection, but also computers, devices, data center and other related equipments.


What consequences will be induced without overload protection?

  • 1. System/Application/Service paralysed
  • 2. Data loss
  • 3. Host PCs,devices, datacenters burned




FAQ about Comay overload protection technology

Q1: Does Comay SSD use overload protection?

  • For now, all of Comay SSDs employe overload protection technology.


Q2: Is Overload protection a complex or an advanced technology?

  • Overload is not a complex technology, nor an advanced technology. It is because of the value of CoreRise that CoreRise makes use of it firstly. As mentioned before, CoreRise considers reliability as a priority, instead of cost all the time.


Q3: Is Overload protection a must for SSDs?

  • Yes, truely. Overload protection makes SSDs more reliable, stable and avoids most risks.


Q4: Can overload protection avoid all kinds of power failure accidents?

  • Overload protection can survice upon most kind of overload current or voltage. However, sometimes the SSD would be damaged by overload if the abnormal current/voltage exceeded the limit.