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  • China latest bullet train adapts with Comay Industrial SSD
  • Date:2018-04-28 Clicks:860
  • Suzhou, China - April 26th, 2018-After one year of development and verification, the fourth-generation Comay industrial SSD has passed more than 500 internal test verifications, the mass production was approved in October 2016. Thanks to the excellent quality and technical performance, CoreRise wined the competition against other seven vendors and the Comay industrial SSD was successfully adapted on the latest China bullet train.
    In the second half of 2017, the second batch of 1PB industrial-grade SSD was adapted to a new batch of China bullet train, including the latest FuXing bullet train.

    Speaking of this project, our project manager & senior engineer Mr. Zhang was particularly impressed.
    First, industrial SSD is pretty difficult to develop, said Mr. Zhang.
    It is much more difficult to design the industrial grade SSD with outstanding quality than normal ones. It has to overcome the harsh working environment such as extreme operating temperatures, large fluctuation of power supply and poor signal quality, etc.

    Second, CoreRise has high technical requirements of our SSD, Mr. Zhang appended.
    Before mass production, there are more than 500 items of the tests in 57 categories to be passed. Moreover, the test standard is very strict. It need not only to conform to the customer requests or nominal standards, but also enough safety redundancy, and guarantee the reliability and consistency of technical performance.
    Mr. Zhang said, after coming to CoreRise, the test engineers can always find lots of problems, and there are also many technical difficulties need to be solved. As a developer, it is very difficult to achieve the standard or pass the test verifications, which is why the development cycle takes more than one year. The development period of SSD was about 3-5 months when I was at my last company, Mr. Zhang said, after I came to CoreRise, the period reached to 19 months. I was surprised by this.

    Although I have more than 10-year experience in development, the goal and practical difficulty of CoreRise project is much higher than I expected, another senior engineer Mr. Zhou said, Even though we have suffered a lot, all our efforts are worthy.
    About CoreRise
    Founded in 2010, CoreRise focuses on the development of high end SSDs with outstanding quality for prosumer, industrial and enterprise applications.
    CoreRise invests up to 15-25% of sales amount to R&D annually. With the help of high R & D investment and attention of quality, Comay SSD was wide used by the high-speed rail, automotive, medical, financial, broadcast and television industries, and the CAGRCompound Annual Growth Ratewas more than 30% for past 8 years.