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  • CoreRise launches the 4th generation of industrial 2.5 inch SATA SSD
  • Date:2016-11-15 Clicks:1117
  • Based on SLC NAND, CoreRise have released the 4th generation of industrial 2.5 inch SATA SSD for industrial applications.

    The Jupiter SWS 425 SATA III SSD is designed for tough industrial applications requiring Extended Operating Temperature, Overload Protection, and In-drive hardware UPS.

    The model has been in massive production stage. It had passed whole comprehensive tests in 8 categories over the past 3 months and qualifications of some clients. It has been employed by 5 pioneer clients who are hungry for reliability and high cost performance so far.

    Condi Chen, CEO of CoreRise, said: " As a quality industrial SSD maker, CoreRise keep investing time and money to make product most reliable. The series of product had evolved for years based on the successful 3rd generation SSD. The quality is the best than ever.”

    It adds several features to our successful SATA III SSD. In addition to high performance and reliability, other features like Advanced Intelligent Read Disturb Management, Sophisticated Wear-Leveling, Write Operation Reduction and other features make it ideal for secure applications.

    Guoshun Wei, VP of Technology at a CRH Train company, remarked: "The Jupiter SWS 425 SATAIII SSD outstands along similar products from different vendors. It meets the requirement of density, weight, performance and reliability for our applications. It is of great help to us."

    The Jupiter SWS 425 SATAIII SSD offers:

    • Write Operation Reduction
    • DASS function or Activity Indicator
    • Overload protection
    • In-drive hardware UPS(Power failure protection)
    • Dura-Class, Dura-Write technology
    • RAISE Data Protection against Catastrophic Flash Page/Block Failure
    • Intelligent Read Disturb Management