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  • CoreRise launches new industrial 1TB mSATA SSD
  • Date:2016-06-20 Clicks:1301
  • Based on MLC NAND, CoreRise released new 1TB mSATA SSD for industrial applications.

    The Jupiter NWM 316 mSATA SSD is designed for applications requiring Extended Operating Temperature, Hardware AES-256 Encryption, Write Protect, and Enhanced Power Loss Protection. Support for ATA generation I, II and III transfer rates of 1.5, 3.0 and 6.0 Gb/s ensures performance.

    The model has been in massive production stage. It had passed 421 items of tests in 8 categories in past 8 months and qualifications of some clients. It has been employed by 11 pioneer clients who are hungry for density from January 2016. 3100pcs had been shipped to clients since then.

    Condi Chen, CEO of CoreRise, said: "The Jupiter NWM 316 mSATA III SSD adds additional features to our successful mSATA III SSD. With high performance and reliability, the addition of encryption, enhance power loss protection and other features makes this ideal for secure applications."

    Joseph Chang, VP of a UAV company, remarked: "The Jupiter NWM 316 1TB mSATA III SSD meets the requirement of density, weight, performance and reliability for our applications. It is a great help for us. We used 512GB model years ago. Now we can move to 1TB."

    Jupiter NWM 316 mSATA III SSD offers:

    • AES Encryption
    • ATA Security Feature Set
    • Write Protect
    • TRIM, NCQ w/queue depth of 32 and SMART
    • mSATA MO300A SSD form factor
    • 1.5, 3.0 and 6.0 Gb/s transfer rates
    • 16GB to 1024GB capacities
    • Fixed BOM (Bill-Of-Material) Control
    • Altitude spec of 100,000 feet
    • Industrial ECC and defect management
    • 1,500G shock; 5G vibration