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CoreRise is a technology leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of current and next-generation NAND Flash based solid state storage products. Combining leading-edge R&D support and best-in-class manufacturing technologies and equipments, with standardized CR-C/E/I/M quality control systems, CoreRise delivers high-quality, high-reliability and extreme-performance solid state storage products and solutions to a broad customer base, including top tier client computing, enterprise servers and database, cloud computing, industrial and embedded applications, military/defense industry, as well as various OEM projects and applications.

CoreRise Company





*2010.4    CoreRise Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded
*2010.8    Massive production of Eastwho-based IDE/ZIF BSOD-free SSDs approaching IDE/ZIF theoretical performance limitation
*2011.2    CoreRise standardized CR-I/M/C/E test system implementation.
*2011.3   Automatic, high-efficiency, and standardized massive production line innovated
*2011.4   Comay SSD toolbox Software RC1 released, the easy tool to monitor, manage, optimize SSD and upgrade firmware.
*2011.7    FCC-ID, RoHS, CE certified.
*2011.8   SATA 6Gbps SSD, free of  infamous BSOD issue, released.
*2012.4    SSD for cloud computing released
*2012.4    Became the biggest SSD company in Eastern China.
*2012.7    Engineering sample of Sandforce-Driven PCI-e SSD(Gen 2,up to 4TB and 3.2GB/s) ready for evaluation





CoreRise is the industry’s leader to develop and build highly reliable and efficient SSD manufacturing systems and equipments.
CoreRise centralized controlling production systems provide the industry’s highest production efficiency which is 10~100 times higher than traditional equipments. Standardized CR-C/E/I/M testing systems deliver best testing accuracy and reliability by a series of complicated long time tests and automatic processing.

CoreRise Company