CoreRise Unique Technology

Comay Solid state drive SSD integrated many kinds of unique technologies to ensure quaility, improve performance, extend endurance, etc.

  • SSDs, undertaking critical missions such as cache, storage, are the key sub-systems. The quality, performance, endurance are very important.


  • Quality, performance and endurance take prioirty over cost. Every part of Comay SSD product shines with a dazzling light of technologies and hard efforts of CoreRise team. On the other hand, CoreRise consist on reducing cost for clients by advanced technologies instead of methods at the price of quality, endurance ,etc.
  • CoreRise has own well-trained, strongly-motivated driver, firmware, hardware R&D team, production engineer team and other teams. After years of development and investment, CoreRise now has many kinds of unique technologies to deliver wonderful SSDs for enterprise, industrial, military, aerospace, etc.
  • These technologies cover the whole process from the beginning to the end, including design, manufacture, validation, etc.
  • We now demostrates some of the CoreRise unique techonologies to help to understand CoreRise and choose right products/solutions.


We will release more and more details about our technologies in the future.


Comay SSD:technologies about reliability

  • SSDs for enterprise, industrial, aerospace or defense application have to be designed according to high standard of reliability. However, the truth is SSD still fails ocassionally due to defects of components, harsh environment, unstable power supply, etc.

    It is unacceptable.

  • Do you kown what kind of technologies to ensure reliability?

  • If you are intrested in technologies utilized by Comay SSD, just browse our website by clicking at menu on the left side!




Comay SSD: Temperature control technologies( To be released)

Temperature control is methods to control the temperature of the surface of SSD PCB to extend the extreme operation temperature range.

In the real world, SSD runs at different temperatures cause by seasons, place, outside heat, self-heating, rediating ,etc. Sometims it will reach, or even beyond the limits than SSD can bear.

A SSD with good reliability has to work stable and reliably in a wide range of temperature.

Generally, SSDs are designed to work according to standards below:

1.Comsumer grade SSD: 0~70℃

2.Comercial grade SSD: 0~70℃. Sometimes 0~50℃

3. Industril grade SSD: -40~85℃. Some SSD makers consider their SSDs working from -20~+75℃ also as "industrial grade".

4.General military grade SSD: -40~85℃

5.SSDs for aviation:-55~85℃

6.SSDs for sepecial military/Aerospace: -55~+125℃



Do you know about technologies and operating temperature range of your SSDs?

Is that enough? reliable? advanced?

Comay SSD takes avantages of many unique temperature control technologies such as:

1. Heat-transfer

2. Power-comsumption reduction

3. Self-control by SSD

4. Validation in factory


Comay SSD: Reliability under harsh evironment(To be released)

  • SSDs are widely used in many fields such like industrial/embedded application, transportation, avaition, military,etc because of the advantages of SSDs when encountering hars environments.
  • The reliablity of SSD is more critical due to same reason.
  • What kind of SSD can undertake such missions?
  • What kind of technologies by Comay SSDs?
  • Please read:
  • 1. Ruggedness process
  • 2. Conformal Coating process
  • 3.Validation in factory



Comay SSD: endurance extending technologies

Compared to HDD, the endurance of SSD is paid more attention by users.

Many clients take the price of using SLC or eMLC only to meet the demand for endurance, as well as the cost rising.

  • Comay develpped technologies to extend endurance of SSD with a trival cost increase.
  • What amazing is these technologies improves not only endurance, but also reliability and performance.

By these technologies, CoreRise delivers more value than expected.