About Comay

About Comay


Comay is the registered brand and trademark of SSD Solid-State-Drive products designed and manufactured by CoreRise.


Comay SSD Covers main interfaces & applications


Comay SSD catalogue covers nearly all mainstream interfaces (PCIe, SATA II, SATA III, PATA, mSATA), NAND Flash (SLC, MLC, eMLC) and form factors. Comay SSDs are being widely deployed in mobile devices, client computing platforms, enterprise storage and cloud computing, industrial control and embedded systems, defense and aerospace industry.



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Comay SSD Features

Comay SSD Features




Comay SSD Certificates


Combining leading-edge technology, state-of-art design and environmental protect materials and components, Comay SSDs deliver industry proven quality and provide secure, reliable, green storage solutions.








Comay SSD Awards/Reviews


Comay SSDs win world-wide awards due to its limit pushing high throughput, unique design and top class quality.      

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