Buying Guide

SSD buyer’s consideration

SSD is one of the latest achievements of science and technology. Appropriate buying and fair use, will bring you benefits, time and convenience. In addition, CoreRise Company provides various SSD choices.
You can consider the following factors:

1. Products Overview: Expected application environment for Comay SSDs

Good quality Comay SSD is adding value to your application environment and enhancing your pc working efficiency. In General, But not all Comay SSDs are suitable for all PCs –consider performance, longevity before making a purchase, Here is what to look for:

1.1 Sequential performance requirements
1.2 Random performance requirements
1.3 Response delay time
1.4 Tolerance in performance degradation
1.5 Lifespan
1.6 Data Protection
1.7 Special functions (special indicator lights, sensors, etc.)
1.8 Capacity
1.9 Special protection (waterproof, dustproof, shock, anti-ray)
1.10 physical characteristics (weight, size, shape, packaging, etc.)

General home and small business users shall consider 1.1 and 1.4 factors. Customer can use Comay’s free SSD software to get such features easily. With excellent performance and the lowest price, Comay Venus (pro) series is the ideal choice for consumers.

The Net bar read disk shall consider the sequential read performance in 1.1 and random read performance in 1.2. Even in case of sequential data, it will be transferred and received in the form of divisions of small packets due to network sharing, so random data is more preferred. Consequentially, net bar should consider random speed and response time when putting SSDs as their read disk. Generally, Comay Pluto SW series is the best choice with its fast sequential performance, best random performance, good stability and and server firmware in customization.

While net bar write disk shall consider the sequential write performance in 1.1 and random write performance in 1.2, as well as 1.4 and 1.5.  Performance decreasing is obvious during the operation of all kinds of SSD so the bottom performance is the necessary consideration in net bar write disk.  Hence, it shall be considered whether performance optimization software is provided. Moreover, the write cycles of net bar disk is over 20times than normal users. So lifespan shall be considered in the net bar write disk as well. Generally, Comay Pluto SV series adopts SLC flash, its life span is 20 times longer than MLC SSDs, is the ideal choices for net bars. 

When Comay SSD is applied in servers, 1.1-1.7 shall be considered. Applications in servers have to be analyzed case by case based on different data types and structures, and different requirements for sequential and random speed as well. Generally, Comay SSD for servers meets high level requirement of random performance, response time, bottom performance and life span. Additionally, special indicator light and sensor might be required by Comay SSD for servers. Generally, Comay Pluto SP/ Pluto SW is the most popular choice. Moreover, customization products may sometimes be necessary for server users. Your contact to Comay for more technical and commercial information is appreciated regardless of the final successful deal.

For industrial and military purposes, factors of 1.1-1.10 shall be considered. Generally, customization is recommended for the best solution.  Your contact to Comay for more technical and commercial information is appreciated regardless of the final successful deal.

1. Total ownership cost: cost performance

Purchasing accounting shall be based on total ownership cost when making purchasing decision. Total ownership cost refers to the total amount of one-time investment, additional maintenance cost and operation cost.
The unit price of SSD is high, yet it is not expensive considering its performance.
When evaluated by IOPS/Price, Comay Pluto SV 2 SSD is about 50000IOPS/1000RMB=50IOPS/1RMB, while traditional HDD is about 400IOPS/400RMB=1IOPS/1RMB- Comay SSD is as excellent as nearly 50times IOPS/Price of traditional HHD!
When evaluated by IOPS/Power, Comay Pluto SV 2 SSD is about 50000IOPS/W=20000IOPS/W, while traditional HDD is about 400IOPS/16W=251IOPS/W –Comay SSD is as excellent as nearly 800times IOPS/Power of traditional HHD!
When energy saving, space saving, labor force saving and maintenance cost are considered, it has remarkable cost-performance in certain areas.
When total ownership cost is considered, Comay SSD is even more cost-effective, as Comay SSD requires high one-time investment but much lower maintenance and operation cost.

2. Shortcut –help me for the decision

Please call Comay regardless of reaching the deal. National service line: (86)400-088-5680 or (86)512-8885-2269.

Specifications recommended below are for your kind reference:

For sequential reading and writing purpose mainly (single user, family and small enterprise): Venus Pro Series;
For reading purpose mainly (net bar reading disc, website server): Pluto SW series;
For writing purpose mainly (net bar writing disc, website server): Pluto SV series;
For reading and writing purpose with requirement of good random performance (data server, web server, etc): Pluto SV series;
For reading and writing purpose with requirement of good random performance and stability (data server, web server, etc): Pluto SP series or customization products;
For high speed and large capacity reading or writing: array or customization products;
For special functions and protection: customization products.